We provide wholesale for restaurants, gastro establishments and retail stores, or even just for large parties you can take advantage of our wholesale offer.

Is the product in stock?

Place your order. If shipping is not available, we will quote it for you.

Is the product out of stock? How does it work?

Ask for unavailable items with delivery a few days later than the usual time for items that are in stock. You can simply ask for the goods that are listed in our online store. For each such item there is a button to request such item. Don't forget to select the desired quantity. Subsequently, we are able to provide a price offer depending on the required number of pieces and the total quantity of all requested items. We deliver in packages and on pallets. For all our bulk customers, the possibility of ordering on pallets comes as an advantage. Such transport is mainly suitable for goods of a fragile nature. These are mainly liquid products and products packaged in glass or are so bulky that they do not fit in boxes. Can't find the item you want? Contact us with a request for such goods via our contact form. Provide as much information as possible. Number of pieces and delivery address. If you have the EAN (bar code) as well, this will be the best way to make sure which item is required.

Long distance delivery? Delivery abroad?

So it's not a problem. We will deliver large quantities of goods to you on pallets, even abroad. Ground collection or even truck transport.